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Save time and money on Returned Mail Processing

If you do not have the time to keep on top of your return mail, let MaxellData manage your returns so you can maintain and update your database.

It costs an average of $5 to handle a piece of return to sender mail in direct operational expenses alone. This includes printing, postage, handling, address investigation, re-mailing and other related processes. Time and labor spent investigating undeliverable mail can interrupt your processes and decrease productivity. Therefore, when you look at the costs more widely, the true cost can be much greater -in excess of $70 per piece.


Delayed customer communications can result in unpaid invoices and low response rates. When customers do not receive critical legal, insurance or financial notices on time —or at all — it can hinder your ability to conduct your core business effectively. On the other hand, if a customer’s address is eliminated from your database, you risk losing them altogether.


The negative effect of returned mail on any bottom line can be staggering. MaxellData can help you minimise returned mail and improve your bottom line by taking away the pain of processing your returned mail.


How we do it

We simply put our secure return delivery address on your mail and it comes directly to our operational team who will scan or key in the details and keep you updated as often as you like.

That is, we simply:

  • collect or intercept your Return To Sender mail
  • scan the barcode (if barcoded), or key in the addresses
  • key in the associated details on the mail piece such as whether the person is deceased
  • generate a data file containing all the scanned or keyed information
  • return/destroy/store the physical mail pieces
  • either help you update your mailing list or provide this information to you to enable you to effectively flag the details in your database.
  • Save time and resources by totally eliminating and handling return to sender mail
  • Reduce your returned mail volume
  • Reduce your costs associated with future campaigns (postage, preparation and associated costs)
  • Save administrative resources
  • Re-deploy mail room employees
  • Improve your Return On Investment (ROI)
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