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MaxellData has a strong reseller arrangement with Australia Post and other key Australian data providers that enables us to meet your new customer acquisition requirements.

Rental of Lifestyle Data

MaxellData is an agent of Australia Post’s Lifestyle data. We also source data from other key suppliers in the market to ensure you have access to the most responsive customer acquisition databases in Australia.

The Australia Post’s Lifestyle data is based on the continuing and voluntary online survey that explores consumers’ likes and interests such as shopping, sports and travel. These insights —combined with other attributes such as demographics and financial characteristics—can help you target new prospects and acquire qualified leads.



  1. Profiled Direct Mail data–Name and Address based on your selection criteria and supplied to you to conduct the direct mail campaign.
  2. Profiled Email data–Name and Email address based on your selection criteria but the emailing must be performed by the supplier of the data.


Australian Movers Data

The new movers represent a huge but underserved market.


  • Each year, approximately 3.9 million Australians move home.
  • When they move, they spend more on goods and services in the first three months than established households spend in a year.
  • They are more likely to become devoted and regular customers. A research conducted by Australia Post indicates that the movers market in Australia is worth around $4.4 billion annually.
  • On average, new residents spend $7,100 for goods directly attributable to their relocation.
  • Research has also shown that the time immediately following the actual move is a period  of “hyper-spending,”as movers buy everything that can help make their new environment more comfortable.
  • In the first 24 months after a move, an estimated 80% of new residents will try new products and services from local businesses.


Why not present your product and services to this growing market?

You can filter on the following parameters

  • Household composition (no. of people in household)
  • Gender
  • Geography (Postcode, State and National levels)



Movers campaign – eDM / DM

We can arrange for an email or Direct Mail campaign to be sent to movers on your behalf (minimum 5,000 mail articles or 10,000 emails).

Movers inserts

We can organise for your marketing messages (inserts) to be in Australia Post’s Mail Redirection confirmation and/or renewal letters. These letters have a high open rate, making them an ideal and cost-effective option.


  • Timing – grow your business by being top-of-mind for movers during and/or after they move.
  • Reach – over 70% of movers apply for our Mail Redirection service, either through brochures available at post offices or via our website.
  • Impact – you will have strong cut-through by aligning your brand with one of Australia’s most trusted.


  • Select the timeframe
    This refers to the number of days after a Mail Redirection application is received.
  • Select the period and location
    You can choose the time period and state/s for your activity – 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Choose the product option
    You can choose eDM, DM or Inserts (Confirmation / Renewal) – or a combination of the three.
  • Choose the offer
    You can choose to have exclusive or non-exclusive access to movers during the time period you have selected. Australia Post must approve the artwork and usage is subject to availability


To the Householder

Reach households with your marketing messages using semi-addressed mail.

This is a comprehensive list of every address (over 13 million records) recognised by Australia Post including Delivery Point Identifiers (DPID) unique to each delivery point in the country.


Using this database, as an agent of Australia Post, we can help you:

  • access the Address File in its raw format, ready to be manipulated or integrated into your system.
  • use the address-only database to gain insights on specific locations and send non-personalised or semi-addressed mail to selected and targeted households.

  • Helps increase acquisition rate – target all possible households in a given area
  • Manipulate the data to suit your needs – available as a flat text file, making it easier to be manipulated and integrated into your system
  • Peace of mind that data is accurate and up-to-date – data is developed and maintained by Australia Post, one of the most trusted organisations in the country
  • The ability to validate your services offering ensures you are offering the relevant products and services in each geographic area

You can exclude the addresses of your existing customers from your campaign

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