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Cleanse, Validate and Update your Customer Database

An up-to-date customer database is essential for effective marketing campaigns. Approximately 3.9 million Australians move houses each year.

Another 150,000 will die. A cleaned, validated and updated database will ensure your communication reaches your target effectively, reduce your mailing costs, and therefore improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

It will also reduce the incidence of relatives receiving mail addressed to those who have passed away, and respect the preference of those who have opted out of receiving mail from your company.

Finally, cleaned, validated and updated addresses in your database will help ensure compliance with the latest privacy legislation.


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Acquire New Customers

MaxellData offers access to a range of customer acquisition databases. Potential customers can be targeted using lifestyle characteristics or by using demographics to find people who are similar to your current customers.

We can also provide you with access to the lucrative Movers market.

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Returned Mail Processing

Every piece of returned mail represents wasted resources. We have the equipment, resources, and expertise to process any returned mail from your mailout.

We can securely receive and process your returned mail and flag the undelivered records in your customer database—thus reducing the inefficiencies in your database.

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Digital Solutions

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